A Native American person with a maroon top and teal glasses

Oswin Latimer is a lifelong advocate for practices and policies of issues of importance to autistic people. As an indigenous, autistic trans man, parent to 3 neurodivergent children, and a disability advocate with over a decade of experience, Oswin works to ensure the meaningful involvement of autistic individuals and empowers them to have a voice in the direction and quality of their lives. Oswin is a recognized expert and leader in their field, consulting at all levels in making policy decisions, promoting a culture of inclusion and respect for all, and helping to enforce the rights of autistic people to equal opportunities both at school and work. He is a champion of equitable funding for community services and supporter of valuable research and how it can best provide support for autistic people.

Oswin Latimer is the founder and President of Foundations for Divergent Minds (FDM), whose model provides a framework designed by autistic and people for use by families and professionals working with autistic and neurodivergent children. He is passionately committed to educating people in alternative methods to support and instruct autistic and neurodivergent people and providing a comprehensive approach and practical steps for parents and professionals to follow. Oswin’s methods are fully supported by extensive global research and best practices and are based on thoughtfully vetted neurodiversity principles. His focus on assessing what is 

absent from a child’s environment and recommending practical adjustments is a skill uniquely suited to Oswin and his extensive hands-on experience and background.

As the Director of Community Engagement for the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN), Oswin quickly rose from being a leader for the Dallas-Ft. Worth chapter to lead the national office in Washington, DC. There, he oversaw the communications committee, ASAN’s network of chapters, and the organization’s pilot employment program with Freddie Mac, placing well qualified autistic employees. Oswin was frequently sought out for policy discussions with many government offices, including the Department of Labor, Department of Education, and Department of Personnel Management. They also planned and organized the Autism Campus Inclusion training, providing autistic college students the skills they needed to promote positive change for autistic students on their campuses.

Oswin is much more than a veteran activist in the autistic and disability communities, he is also a seasoned parent who has used his knowledge and experienced expertise as a disability consultant. They have provided hundreds, if not thousands, of parents useful and practical advice on how to organize their homes and create individualized education plans that best meet the needs of their child.

Oswin Latimer was featured in the 2013 documentary, Citizen Autistic, a film directed by William Davenport exploring the advocacy work of autism rights activists. They are regularly called upon for media interviews and to speak at local and national conferences on a variety of topics, including language and perception, executive functioning, and autistic parenting. Oswin also compiled and edited Navigating College: A Handbook on Self Advocacy Written for Autistic Students from Autistic Adults.